Eagles’ philosophy and goals

The coaches for the Estancia Boys’ Basketball program have all had a basketball history with Estancia either as a player or longtime coach. Therefore we understand the uniqueness of the student body and excel in remaining competitive in spite of the small size of our school. Our goal is to develop a program that is focused on three core principles:

  1. Character – We believe that without strong character a person cannot be truly successful in any endeavor, including basketball. Our focus is on dedication, honesty, hard work, responsibility and commitment.
  2. Academics – Success in the classroom allows for participation in sports, not the other way around. We are committed to coaching good students that also play basketball. Our players are students first, athletes second.
  3. Teamwork – We believe that excellent teamwork is essential to our success as a basketball team and learning teamwork is essential to all individuals in their future successes. We understand the life-long values and memories that are centered on the experience of being a part of a team that will become a family. We teach that “team” is more important than the “self” and that the sacrifices you make will be rewarded ten-fold. That will start with coaches and be taught to our players. Attitude reflects leadership.